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Self-Service Pet Wash

We are proud to introduce the first Self Service Pet Wash in Des Moines!

This is a self-contained, heated, and air-conditioned building with all you need to give your pet a comfortable bath. The cost is just $10.00 for 12 minutes. Several selections of shampoo, conditioner, and deodorizer are available. There is a vacuum to remove excess water, and even a blow dryer! We recommend you bring a towel. This is so much easier than bending over in the tub! Your pet will get up on a table, and then it works much like a car wash. Insert payment and make selections. Our pet wash is only available at our 31st Street location.

Please call us today for more information at (515) 274-1583; 31st Street location, or (515) 276-7688; Hickman Street location.