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Please call us today for more information at (515) 274-1583; 31st Street location, or (515) 276-7688; Hickman Street location.

Do I need to separate my laundry?

We separate lights from darks and wash in the appropriate temperatures for those garments. If you have garments for dry cleaning or dress shirts for pressing those will need to be in a separate bag.

Can you help estimate how much my laundry will weigh? Its priced per pound right?

Sure! Here are some approximate loads.


2 L/S Shirts
2 Pair Jeans
5 T-Shirts
5 Undies & Socks


4 L/S Shirts
4 Pair Jeans
10 T-Shirts
10 Undies & Socks


8 L/S Shirts
8 Pair Jeans
20 T-Shirts
20 Undies & Socks

Of course if you are petite or 2XL, these amounts will vary!

Do you have a minimum for pick up and delivery?

We have a $20.00 minimum for pick up and delivery.

What is your pick up and delivery schedule?

We pick up and deliver Tuesday through Friday from 1:00PM until 4:00PM.

Do I have to be home for pick up or delivery?

No, you do not. Simply leave us instructions when scheduling your pick up and we'll pick up and deliver to the location you specify!