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Wash & Fold

Did you know doing the laundry is the second most hated household chore among Americans?

You will never have to face that chore again, because Busy Bubbles Laundry is here to do it for you. Our wash and fold services will meet the needs of everyone from singles on the go, to busy professionals and parents with busy kids!

So, are you too tired to face that mega pile of laundry again? Need to get the kids to soccer AND piano? Well, just bring it in to us, and we'll do all the sorting and matching for you!

Wash and fold service is for your "everyday" laundry that can be washed, dried and folded (we do hang items by request). For items that require dry cleaning or pressing use our convenient dry cleaning service.

Your clothes will be handled with a personal touch. We sort all clothes according to color and water temperature and wash each customer's clothes in their own large capacity machine! We neatly fold and bag them so all you have to is take them home and put them in your dresser!


  • Call us or go to, click Get Started, or click here. We run our route on Mondav, Wednesday, and Friday. Items picked up on Monday will be returned on Wednesday and so on. Currently you must call and make arrangements at least one day before you would like to get on the route.

  • Put your laundry in a trash bag or pillow cases. Set it on your door step or other place we determine.

    If you'd like, you may purchase a laundry tote bag for $10.00 for future orders.

  • We will sort, pretreat stains, launder in appropriate temperatures, dry and neatly fold your clothes. We even match all the socks. We can also do your dry cleaning and dress shirts, be sure to put them in a separate marked bag. These items are separately priced. We will deliver all your clothing at one time so dry cleaning may add a day or two to the service.

Please call us today for more information at (515) 274-1583; 31st Street location, or (515) 276-7688; Hickman Street location.